The streets for the relaunch of the historic center of Catanzaro pass through shops and a pedestrian area


By John

The revitalization of the historic center is a framework that is made up of different parts. The paths that the administration is following today revolve around the definition of an economic vocation on which to focus and to which the potential relaunch can be linked, starting from food, and the creation of local trade, also looking at successful models already consolidated in other parts of Italy, including in the South. But it is also in the everyday lives of residents and workers that we are trying to impact. And the main way to do this is to work around a mobility project (in which to include the subway) that leads Catanzaro and its historic center to no longer be a tangle of cars but to build conditions of viability and liveability (finally) in step with the times. The permanent pedestrian area project on a stretch of Corso Mazzini is perhaps the most symbolic element of this route.