S.Anna Hospital of Catanzaro, accreditation revoked. Fiorita: “Ready to lead the protest”


By John

The office of the health commissioner of the Calabria region, Roberto Occhiuto, has taken note of the forfeiture of the accreditation of the S.Anna Hospital of Catanzaro, considered until a few years ago among the most important cardiac surgery centers in the South. In the decree signed by Occhiuto and viewed by AGI it is noted that the
private healthcare facility, «with certified e-mail dated 02/01/2022, prot. n. 66563 of 02/10/2022, integrated by the note of 02/03/2022, prot. n. 66574 of 10/02/2022″, communicated the suspension of healthcare activities “due to organizational deficiencies”.

The commissioner’s office takes note «that the legal representative pro tempore on 11 September 2023 sent via certified e-mail, taken in the protocol. n. 392574 of the same date, the request for renewal of accreditation without attaching any documentation and that, on the same date, the competent sector of the Health and Welfare Department communicated the inadmissibility of the request as it lacks documentation”. On 11.09.2023 – we read – the note was acquired, in which the legal representative of the structure communicated «that he had respected the requirements of the IT model (MOD 6), which did not contemplate the attachment of documentation and claimed for the communication of the inadmissibility of the request for renewal of accreditation and initiation of proceedings with indication of the person responsible. With a note dated 09.13.2023, – it is noted – the competent sector counter-argued regarding the findings «and made it clear – we read – that the communication made did not prejudice the resubmission of the request, accompanied by the necessary documentation, for the purposes of taking charge and of the start of the investigation”.

With certified e-mail dated 09.14.2023, the sole director communicated “that, by virtue of the valuable clarifications, he would forward the indicated documentation to the competent sector of the Health and Welfare Department, which has not yet been received”. The commissioner’s office, «given that pursuant to sentence no. 30/2023 issued by the Court of Catanzaro on 12/16/2023, the structure was subjected to judicial liquidation with the appointment of the liquidator” and “that for the years 2023 and 2024 the Villa S. Anna Spa healthcare facility did not complete the transmission annual of the required documentation, as the necessary documentation to start the accreditation renewal investigation has not been received”, he points out that he has sent the notice of revocation of the accreditation, subject to renewal every three years, “on the basis of a specific request made by the attorney”.

The decree also notes that the curator sent the certified e-mails dated 04/05/2024, 08/05/2024 and 14/05/2024, «as counterarguments to the revocation notice, with a request for suspension of the accreditation revocation procedure , transmitting the provision of the Delegated Judge of the Court of Catanzaro dated 05/07/2024 with which the experiment of the competitive procedure through public auction was authorized for the identification of the tenant of the business complex of the company undergoing liquidation without however providing, within the established deadlines, the documentation required for the purposes of renewing accreditation”. Considering that «the non-relevance of the observations with respect to the effects of the failure to transmit documents excludes their relevance for the purposes of the final provision», the commissioner points out «that he must take note of the forfeiture of the accreditation of the «Villa S. Anna Spa» with registered and operational headquarters in the Municipality of Catanzaro in Viale Pio 111, due to the lack of a necessary prerequisite represented by the complete request for documentation”.

Fiorita: “We need to understand how things are. Let’s say whether we want to relaunch the company or whether we want to decree its death”

“If the news of the revocation of the accreditations were to be confirmed – writes the mayor of Catanzaro Nicola Fiorita in a note – boasted by the Sant’Anna Hospital with the Regional Health System, any reasonable possibility of selling the company branch and, therefore, of reopen this important structure. Let’s say, once and for all, whether we want to relaunch a healthcare company of excellence, safeguarding workers’ rights, or whether we want to decree its death. It is completely clear that, without accreditations, the Sant’Anna would become an empty box and, therefore, the interest of any business group capable of relaunching it would disappear. The second auction that the bankruptcy trustee is about to hold would also become almost useless, after the first one was deserted.
We need to understand how things are. I can only say that, as always, I will be on the side of the workers and the unions, ready to lead the protest to demand that the most appropriate solutions be found to encourage the transfer of the company branch to those who have the skills and economic strength to save the existing one and relaunch the role that the Sant’Anna Hospital has had in the healthcare system of the capital”.