What future for construction and energy efficiency? Angaisa meeting in Capo Vaticano on 27 June


By John

A particularly rich program of works will characterize the next one ANGAISA meeting (the trade association of plumbing and heating distributors, member of Confcommercio and Federcostruzioni), organized in collaboration with the ANGAISA Calabria sectionand which will also see the participation of the Board of Directors.

The appointment has been set for Thursday 27 June, at 2pm, at the Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa in Ricadi Tropea (VV). The conference intends to offer all participants the opportunity to delve deeper into the current market dynamics, which are characterized by a significant slowdown in sales and great unknowns regarding the second half of the year and the 2025 scenarios. opening of the works, entrusted to the President of ANGAISA Calabria Antonio Mielethe National President will talk about it Maurizio Lo Re (which will also focus on the associative activities of the first semester) e Marco Marcatili, Nomisma Development Director, who will take stock of the actual development prospects of the construction sector, after the tightening decided by the Government on construction bonuses, invoice discounts and credit transfer and in light of the new “potentials” linked to the achievement of the objectives set by Green Homes Directive. In an article published in the “Sole 24 Ore” of 8 April, Marco Marcatili observed, among other things: “in the European context, the Italian specificity is characterized by widespread ownership and by approximately half the value of family wealth invested in properties.

Today this small property – which has become more fragile and unequal with the succession of financial crises – no longer has the capacity to keep up with the energy and environmental transition objectives. The restoration of the transfer of credit, combined with an incentive of 50-60% (also diversified by “condominium condition” and by “depth of the intervention”) and with Esco (Energy Service Company) type instruments capable of making advance payments to families the benefits of energy saving, is a necessary condition for continuing the process of redevelopment, maintenance of real estate value and generation of environmental value”. In addition to the main aspects linked to market dynamics – ordinary and extraordinary – the new digital tools that companies can benefit from to consolidate their competitive advantage are also extremely topical. Starting from the role that Artificial Intelligence can already assume today in different but certainly strategic fields, from marketing to communication (and beyond). Prof. Massimo Giordani, Innovation Manager & Marketing Strategist, will talk about it with a report dedicated to the use of AI in the company, through a pragmatic approach that aims to highlight risks and opportunities to be seized. To complete the program, the speech by Gloria Gualdi, Marketing and eBusiness Manager RX Italy, dedicated to the new Heat Pump Technologies trade fair event, which will be held in Milan in April 2025, and that of Roberto Zizzadoro, Allianz Convention Development Manager, who will illustrate the main contents of the framework agreement signed in recent days, from which all associated distributors will be able to benefit. There will also be an institutional greeting from Klaus Algieri, President of Confcommercio Calabria and Unioncamere Calabria. The following day, again at the Capovaticano Resort, the meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Members’ Assembly will be held.