Salvini “I didn't feel like running for the European elections”. Vannacci? “Misunderstood. On the left they are nominating a prisoner”


By John

«I am a minister, I deal with trains, highway code, houses and housing plans, ports and airports. I have 18 hours a day to deal with this. Then, of course, I will campaign, but I didn't feel like doing it as a candidate». The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, said this on Giù la Testa on Rai Radio 1 when talking about the next European elections. «I don't comment on the choices of others – he then added -, if the others have done it, they have done well. As secretary of the League, I am aware of having created a team with strong lists. From north to south even with people who don't have a League card in their pocket.”

Vannacci on classes for disabled people? «It seems like a storm about nothing to me. On words that have been deliberately misunderstood. If on the left they nominate a girl detained on very serious charges, I don't see why a general who defended Italy but with the guilt of having written a book that one may like or not, cannot run.». Salvini then underlined that «In September, together with the Northern League school and disability ministers, we hired 13 thousand support teachers. We are working to eliminate architectural barriers. It needs to be included. If there are very serious disabilities they must be assisted, a support teacher is not enough. Having special kids in class is an added value.”

On the hypothesis of a European army, the deputy prime minister continues. «Whoever chooses the League makes a clear choice of peace. I think exactly the opposite of Macron. I don't want even half an Italian soldier fighting outside our borders, Europe was born for peace. And Macron says stupidity when he hypothesizes European armies in Ukraine. I – he continued – don't want even half an Italian soldier fighting outside our borders”. And in this regard he stated: «Europe should do some things better, such as defending its borders, but no to the unlikely common army that no one knows who would be commanded or paid by. Then if Macron were in command we would have wars across half the world.” “I hope that 2024 will be the year of the end of the conflict,” he concluded by saying that he hopes that this will happen even before the American elections in November.

Finally a broadside on migrants. “We will have another summer of landings. We are working with Libya, with Tunisia, with Albania, but if Europe turns the other way…”