Salvini in Reggio: “The bridge over the Strait is a winning idea from all points of view” VIDEO


By John

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini from Reggio Calabriawhere he inaugurated the new Trenitalia intercity trainstalked about the bridge over the Strait of Messina.

“It's a beautiful Calabrian and Sicilian day, I'm here – said Salvini – to inaugurate new, modern, safe trains that will connect the South. This morning I greeted Elly Schlein in Fiumicino, we have different ideas. With the bridge we save time , money and pollution: there will be an increase in tourism, jobs, property values ​​and it is a winning operation from all points of view. If it is said that the bridge cannot be built because there are 'ndrangheta and the mafia only offend the many respectable Calabrians and Sicilians. Whoever attacks the bridge does not attack Salvini but the Calabrians, the Sicilians and the best professionals who worked on the project approved by the scientific committee”.