Santa Maria del Cedro, residence closed due to alleged irregularities: the Tar reopens it


By John

The TAR of Calabria, with its own decree, suspended the order to close and clear the Summer Day tourist village in Santa Maria del Cedro, issued a few days ago by Mayor Ugo Vetere. The lawsuit will be discussed on September 20th.

The Tar thus accepted the request for suspension presented by the lawyers of the company Zeus Srl, which opened the accommodation facility to tourists despite the institution having forbidden it to continue with the activity. The judge took into account the presence of numerous elderly people and children among the approximately 200 people who should have left the facility by noon today. The closing and eviction order had been issued by the mayor of Santa Maria del Cedro following checks carried out by the municipal offices and an inspection carried out by the local police and by an ASP doctor, with the confirmation, according to the administration, of a series of bureaucratic and health irregularities. Furthermore, for some time now the State Property Agency has entrusted the property to the Municipality at the end of a complex judicial dispute concerning the illegal occupation of maritime state property. At the end of the inspection on 18 August, the agents had cleared the reception and posted notices of the precautionary measure on the walls and affixed the seals to the structure. “As publicly stated by the mayor of Santa Maria del Cedro, there will be the appropriate forums to evaluate their veracity”, affirm the lawyers of Zeus Srl.

«The entity sent its deductions to the Calabria TAR asking for the revocation of the decree – commented Vetere -. I respect the decision of the administrative judge, but I specify that the administrative seizure of the entire real estate compendium remains effective, carried out as a precautionary measure by the local police, not subject to appeal. Today a new inspection was carried out and the violation of the seals affixed by the local police was ascertained, for which we will proceed separately ».