Scalea, fictitious residences in summer homes to avoid paying IMU: 368 tax evaders discovered, damage to the treasury of 830 thousand euros


By John

There are 368 taxpayers who, taking advantage of the fictitious residence requirement, had failed to pay the single municipal tax on owned homes into the coffers of the municipality of Scalea (Cosenza) over the last five years. The Gdf of Cosenza thus discovered, by checking hundreds of summer homes passed off as main residences, 205 Italian citizens and 163 foreigners. The evaded IMU amount amounts to approximately 830 thousand euros on a cadastral tax base of over 32 million euros. The activity of the Fiamme Gialle of the Tenenza of Scalea made it possible to screen over 500 positions, which were verified in the databases. The financiers carried out physical checks on the residences and also on energy consumption which, found to be low and not representative of a stable residence, further supported the taxpayer’s absence for most of the year