Scolacium, all the «Harmonies» of the Mediterranean: from Madama Butterfly to… Noa


By John

The great lyric with Madame Butterflythe passionate rhythm of The Fura Dels Bausthe introspective look of Wayne McGregor and some of the most fascinating female voices, from Sweet Bridges to Noa. It is a Mediterranean that is increasingly opening up to the world and that remains permanently connected to it, the one in which the Festival Armonie d’Arte, now in its 24th edition and presented in Catanzaro, moves. A Mediterranean that is not only a physical place but also identity, spirituality, beauty, art. Expectations that the Festival directed by Clear Jordan staged on the stage of Scolacium, in Roccelletta di Borgia and which, from July to September, will also be brought to other areas of Calabria that were Magna Graecia, Norman and medieval: from Catanzaro to Cosenza, along the Ionian coast to Soverato and Montauro to go up to Serra San Bruno and its ancient charterhouse.
After all, the “mare nostrum” itself has been a crossroads for centuries, and still is, of routes, transits – key themes of previous Festivals – and, this year in particular, of “Permanences”. The festival will be inspired by these latter, as was highlighted during the presentation in the historic building of the Chamber of Commerce, with world premieres, national exclusives and site-specific works. A cross-section of what will be a program full of events was only outlined. But a little of the spirit that will characterize the festival was also anticipated. That of “Armonie d’Arte” is, in fact, also a mission that looks at culture as a «formidable tool for territorial marketing», to quote Giordano who not by chance highlights the slogan of the XXIV edition «Calabria is worth the trip». One of the key points of the program will be the celebration of the centenary of Giacomo Puccini’s death, with the staging of Madama Butterfly on August 10th at Scolacium, directed by Franco Brambilla, conducted by Leonardo Quadrini with the International Orchestra of Campania. From anniversary to anniversary, space will also be given to the 25th anniversary of the death of Fabrizio De Andrè, whom the Festival will pay homage to on August 12 with the “Best of live tour” by his son Cristiano. The Scolacium park will be the stage a few days later, on August 18, for the Catalan company La Fura Dels Baus with “Free Bach 212”, a site-specific show defined as “of great artistic and emotional impact”, with the use of the original score of Bach’s Cantata BWV 212 updated with electronic and flamenco music.
The complete lineup will be released soon but Alice will be on stage at Scolacium from August 2ndfor the Off&Pop section with «Anime»; Vinicius Cantuaria will be in Soverato on August 4th with «Psychedelico Rio», while on the 6th, in Scolacium, the great choreographer Wayne McGregor and his Company will be on stage with «Autobiography», an absolute exclusive for Italy. An already substantial billboard, in short, next to which Armonie d’Arte projects its gaze to ethics with the Scolacium Award “The value of hope”scheduled for August 20, which will be attended by Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad together with doctors, scientists, artists including Noa. The Israeli singer will then be the protagonist, on August 23, of the Mediterranean Gala «Blu Femina» together with Dulce Pontes, Estrella Morente, Elutheria Arvanitaki and Maria Nazionale, accompanied by the Brutia Symphony Orchestra in a journey through fado, flamenco, rebetiko, Middle Eastern sounds and ancient Neapolitan song.