Seminar in Vibo on “Gender equality. Legislation, advantages and opportunities” promoted by the Labor Inspectorate


By John

It was held yesterday in the “A. MURMURA” of Chamber of Commerce of Vibo Valentia a seminar entitled “GENDER EQUALITY – Legislation, advantages and opportunities”.

The meeting, promoted byTerritorial Labor Inspectorate of Vibo Valentia with the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Calabria Region and in synergy with the Orders of Labor Consultants, Chartered Accountants of the Province of Vibo Valentia and with the Office of the Equality Councilor of the Calabria Region, it is placed in the within the scope of the initiatives envisaged by the “Memorandum of Understanding INL – Office of the National Equality Councillor”, signed on 06.08.2023.

The debate, moderated by Dr. Giovanni CUZZOCREA, Head of the Supervision Process of the ITL of Vibo Valentia, concerned highly topical issues, such as:

a) The certification of gender equality – speaker Dr. Tonia STUMPO (equality councilor of the Calabria Region)

b)The Memorandum of Understanding INL – National Equality Councilor Office – rapporteur Eng. Rosalba LAROSA (Labour Inspectorate ITL Reggio Calabria)

c) Discrimination at trial: evolution of the rites and relevant issues – speaker Dr. Ilario NASSO (Labour Judge at the Court of Vibo Valentia);

d) Sociological profiles of gender (dis)equality – speaker Dr. Aurelia BALOTTA (ISP. of Labor ITL Vibo Valentia);

e) Protection of gender equality and contributory benefits – speakers Dr. Gabriella ZAPPIA (Labour Inspectorate ITL Vibo Valentia) and Dr. Tiziana MELIGRANA (Legal Process Manager ITL Vibo Valentia).

The issues of “trial discrimination” and “sociological profiles of gender (dis)equality” were particularly felt, which also saw the exposure of practical cases of direct and indirect discrimination by Dr. Tonia STUMPO.

Also highly appreciated were the interventions of Dr. Pietro FALBO, President of CCIA Catanzaro-Crotone – Vibo Valentia, of Dr. Francesco LA PIANA, President of the Order of Labor Consultants of Vibo Valentia, of Dr. Claudia Caterina CARNOVALE, member of the Commission Equal Opportunities of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Vibo Valentia and of the engineer. Rosalba LAROSA as a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Calabria Region, who spoke on behalf of the president, Prof. Anna DE GAIO.

The initiative falls within the category of prevention and promotion activities envisaged by the art. 8 of Legislative Decree no. 124/2004 and arises from the fruitful collaboration initiated by the Labor Inspectorate of Vibo Valentia with the various institutions present in the area and, in particular, with the Order of Labor Consultants, in order to encourage compliance with labor and social security legislation.