Senator Tilde Minasi at the Gioia Tauro customs office


By John

“A warm and friendly welcome, a valuable activity to protect the health and safety of citizens”, thus Tilde Minasi, Senator of the Republic of Reggio origin, commented on the visit to the Office of the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) based in the port of Gioia Tauro. During yesterday morning, the Regional Director of Calabria, Antonio Di Noto accompanied her to discover the main activities the Agency deals with, together with managers from the Gioia Tauro Office and the Anti-fraud Office, Rossella Tallarico and Emilio Lombardo. The visit involved the operational areas of a strategic port, which ranks among the top ten European ports, as well as the Italian leader in transshipment with its 3 million containers handled per year. Particular appreciation was expressed by Minasi for the work carried out daily by ADM and Guardia di Finanza officials in control activities, also thanks to the scanner equipment supplied to the Agency, which allows for an accurate and scrupulous selection of loads destined for the markets national and international. This activity guarantees constant protection against trafficking in narcotics, counterfeit goods, goods that do not comply with regulations, are dangerous and harmful to health. “A very instructive experience” concluded the Senator, who drew important ideas from this day for future development strategies of the Calabrian territory.