Sensational in the Senate: Dafne Musolino leaves De Luca and goes with Renzi. The former mayor of Messina: “I don’t give in to blackmail”


By John

Sensational (although not entirely unexpected) shock in Messina politics. Senator Dafne Musolino “divorces” Cateno De Luca and embraces Matteo Renzi’s cause. After five years spent on the front line as councilor of the De Luca council, with a candidacy for the European elections among the ranks of Forza Italia, Musolino was elected to the Senate with South calls North, De Luca’s new political creation which succeeded in feat of also electing another Messina native to the Chamber, Francesco Gallo.

Today, practically a year after the proclamation in Parliament, the announcement, which came from Matteo Renzi himself: “Italia Viva welcomes Dafne Musolino with great joy. Those who frequent the Chamber and the Senate commissions know the technical preparation and political passion of this senator who combines her training as a lawyer with her experience as a local administrator in a highly competent political mix. We will ask Dafne to work as hard as she knows how to do on all the main dossiers that particularly concern the South and Sicily, starting with the decisive battle for the implementation of the Pnrr. But we will also ask you to help us at a national level to restore trust in public affairs and in the institutions. Together we will face the challenge for the European Championships by becoming increasingly rooted in the territory, at the centre. I have listened to Senator Musolino’s speeches at Palazzo Madama several times: never banal and always full of proposals and hopes. Welcome Dafne: the fun begins now!”.

Dafne Musolino’s post on Facebook

“I have chosen to leave the South Calls North movement to join Italia Viva: a choice I make in continuity with the project of change in the name of which I was nominated and elected.” Thus Senator Dafne Musolino in a note.”With Italia Viva the conditions have been created for a wide-ranging political projectthe Center, which can provide answers to all voters who do not recognize themselves in the polarization of the parties we are witnessing. I thank Cateno De Luca for the path taken together, I do not deny the past and I will continue to give voice to the territory and fight many of the battles that I believed and believe are crucial to bridging the gap between citizens and parliament. I thank the group for the autonomy that has given me the opportunity to carry out my work in a free manner. My parliamentary activity will continue in the new group alongside Matteo Renzi with the usual commitment”, concludes Musolino.

De Luca: I didn’t give in to blackmail”

“The buying and selling of parliamentarians has always characterized parliaments in all eras… In recent days I have not succumbed to yet another blackmail and this morning our senator Dafne Musolino made her membership of Italia Viva official by being ensnared by the good Matteo Renzi… “