Sex education in elementary school? The House says “no”


By John

The M5S asked in a motion in the Chamber to introduce “the teaching of emotional and sexual education” in primary and secondary schools. The House rejected the text, but after an exchange of words between Rossano Sasso and the banks of the pentastellati.

«As long as the League is in government, the colleagues of the 5 Star Movement will forget about gender propaganda. If they really want to violate the provisions of a circular, no. 1972 of 2015, made by the Renzi Government, therefore by a centre-left Government, which prohibits it absolutely, and If they really want to give sexual education to 6 year old children, they should do it in their party headquarters and do not take advantage of the school, without the consent of the parents, forcing children to do their filth”, says Sasso. Word, the latter which ignites the protests of the deputies of the centre-left groups.

The vice president Anna Ascani Sasso resumes. “The expression ‘their filth’ is not permitted and is offensive towards colleagues”, says Anna Ascani. And Sasso: “I welcome your invitation and will delight in identifying synonyms for filth: atrocities, obscenities, foul language, because this is what sexual education provides.” Here are new protests. In the end there is a vote. And the text is rejected.