She slips and hurts her leg: woman rescued in the Pollino national park


By John

Intervention, this afternoon, for the Calabria Alpine and Speleological Rescue. The activation started around 3pm from the 118 Operations Center in Cosenza, for a woman from Brindisi who, slipping, probably suffered a broken leg. It happened during an excursion (on a marked path) that the woman herself was undertaking together with her husband and her two children: the family were in the Piano Ruggio area, in the Pollino National Park. On site technicians from the Pollino Alpine Station of Cnsas Calabria, technicians from Cnsas Basilicata and the Alpine Rescue of the Guardia di Finanza. The rescuers, having suddenly reached the woman, proceeded to immobilize her leg and transport her to the road where the 118 ambulance from Mormanno (CS) was waiting for her.