Sinner, another page of history: if he beats Dimitrov he will be the new number 2 in the world. But the Bulgarian…


By John

The Easter of resurrection becomes an opportunity for consecration for the Italian tennis champion. A special Sunday, yet another in recent months, for Italian sport. This time too he is taking us by the hand Jannik Sinner, currently number three in the world in the ATP Ranking with a window… on second place. Yes, because in the event of success, this evening (start of the US race at 9pm Italian time) the 22 year old Italian would climb another step of the podium, placing himself in second. And at that point, in light of the crisis experienced by the “monster of the last level”, Novak Djokovic, nothing would be precluded (read first place) already starting from the clay season, another surface on which the long levers of Jannik they wriggle (because, is there any that are “indigestible” to the Italian tennis player?) with great ease.

After the Easter feast, while waiting to place more hay in the farmhouse on Easter Monday, there will be the sweet interlude in the shape of a racket, thanks to the day off from the football championship. However, sports lovers will not be left empty-handed, because with Sinner there is always something substantial to bite into. That's all? There is a however as great as the class of the Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, 32 year old returned to the Top Ten after years spent at a safe (not too much, though) distance from the elite. If there is an aesthetic clone of His Majesty Roger Federer it is undoubtedly Maria Sharapova's ex-boyfriend. Of course, in tennis it's not enough just to have a divine backhand, capable of knocking anyone out of time when they're swinging to the maximum of their possibilities, and to move as if there were springs under your feet (these are Dimitrov's main characteristics), but there are a few inconveniences the man who came from the East nailed it. Last in the order of time: having crumbled the exuberance of Carlos Alcaraz (doing Sinner a great favor) in the quarter-finals. Without remission of sins. This is why betting all your chips on Jannik could be risky. On paper (but also on any other writable surface) the aspiring number 2 in the world has no rivals at the moment. Serenona Williams also told him, embarrassing him a lot, who, a few months after retiring, confessed to him that she wanted a forehand like hers. She, who with her (right) of her has regulated many.

So, prediction pending but… with caution. There is one certainty: if Dimitrov plays as he knows how, the Miami spectators will remember tonight's final as one of the best finals ever.