Lamezia, eyes on the hospital: Forza Italia “reassures” the city


By John

The worst has been averted. The decree of the commissioner ad acta number 69 of 14 March, which “mowed down” 18 simple and complex structures in the hospital, is now a closed chapter. The protests of citizens, associations and political forces made President Occhiuto “think”., who immediately adjusted his aim and withdrew a decree that significantly penalized Lamezia's healthcare system. Supporting President Occhiuto's work is his own party, in particular the provincial coordinator of Forza Italia Marco Polimeni and the city coordinator Salvatore De Biasewhich highlight how «after a period marked by uncertainties and doubts, permeated by the vibrant protests and discussions of associations and parties, which jointly aspired to a healthcare system responsive to the authentic needs of citizens, the contested DCA 69 of 14 March 2024 is now a chapter positively concluded.”