Slums of Messina, Schifani: «The civil engineering will be the implementing body to speed up the recovery of the areas»


By John

The civil engineering office of the Municipality of Messina will act as the implementing body for the implementation of the interventions envisaged by the government plan for the demolition, reclamation and environmental redevelopment of the areas in which the slums are located.
This was established by the regional council, on the proposal of the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, who assumed, with decree law of 29 December 2022, the role of extraordinary commissioner for the recovery.

«Taking into account the extensive presence of the Civil Engineers on the territory, we make use of the possibility conferred by the law, to entrust it with the function of implementing body – stated Schifani – to speed up the execution times of the projects and recover those areas that will finally be returned to the citizens.”

The law provides that the commissioner can also make use of state offices and municipal structures as implementing entities but without greater burdens. The Civil Engineers of Messina will take on this role to carry out demolition, reclamation and environmental redevelopment works, also when updating the intervention plan, while for the realization of further works the role of implementing body remains entrusted to the municipal agency for the urban renewal and redevelopment of the city of Messina with regards to the purchase of properties and in Invitalia for the construction and maintenance of buildings.