Social bonus for electricity and gas: the ISEE threshold rises. Here are the new figures


By John

Starting today the social bonuses for electricity and gas return to the ordinary regime. The ISEE thresholds for accessing the relief therefore return: 9,530 euros and 20,000 euros for larger families with over three children.

The electricity and gas social bonus consists of the possibility of taking advantage of a discount on the bill for all domestic and non-domestic users in economically disadvantaged conditions.

However, we return to the ordinary requirements: the ISEE threshold to obtain it will be equal to 9,530 euros, which rises to 20 thousand euros for large families (with over 3 children). In 2023 the number of beneficiaries had been increased (the threshold was up to 15 thousand euros and 30 thousand for large families).

However, the extraordinary contribution was confirmed, which increases depending on the number of family members, applied automatically to those who already received the electricity bonus, as provided for in the 2024 Budget Law.