Soverato, public defibrillator in Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice

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By John

The delivery of the public defibrillator donated to the City of Soverato by the Asd Soveratoincammino Fitwalking and the Odv Amici di Ambra will be held on Saturday 2 December at 10.30 am in Soverato, in Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice, in the presence of the municipal authorities.

The purchase of the important garrison was possible thanks to the proceeds of the “Alba a Soverato 2023” event, the now traditional collective walk at dawn with music and poetry organized by the 2 associations with the patronage of the Municipality of Soverato and the cultural contribution of Ulderico Nisticò.

“Alba a Soverato” as well as being a cultural event of great level and great participation, therefore also represented a moment of solidarity as it allowed the purchase and donation to the city of Soverato of this important garrison to guarantee the health of citizens and to protect public health.

A moment of social growth of the city in terms of greater civilization and health safety, the comment of the Deputy Mayor of the city of Soverato, Emanuele Amoruso.