Standing ovation for Angelo Branduardi in Messina in his “confessions of a minstrel”


By John

Standing ovation for Angelo Branduardi last night in the concert “Confessions of a malandrino” staged at the Palaculura Antonello and promoted by the Messina Philharmonic Academy, which recorded the third sold out after the event with Nicola Piovani and the Christmas gospel. Maestro Branduardi was highly applauded as he performed with the musician Fabio Valdemarin in much loved songs and lesser-known songs, without forgetting his classics.

“We are here inside the magic, the history, the mystical vision of music, in the enchanted garden, so that the theater rises one meter from the ground” he introduced thus Angelo Branduardi the concert in Messina and as a troubadour and poet, he introduced spectators into his journey into music which he considers a rapture, the most abstract and pure art close to the Absolute, an incessant path of spiritual research. “We are here not to seek impact, scenic effect, the less there is, the more there is”. And so it was, an essential, pure, entirely acoustic concert accompanied by a liturgy of kind gestures such as embracing the guitar, holding and then putting away the violin, the instrument that led his life by the hand, from the first one given to him by his father to 5 years until the one with which he still enchants the public as a virtuoso.

He sang strictly from memory the songs that draw from the repertoire ranging from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, of European cultured and popular music, especially Anglo-Saxon, with sounds similar to his universe and his refined language. The maestro was accompanied yesterday by the talented and versatile musician Fabio Valdemarin, a multi-instrumentalist, who played the grand piano, keyboards, guitars and accordion. The program includes songs taken from the Futuro Antico collection, pieces from the album on San Francesco, L’infinitamente Piccolo, Angus the vagabond taken from the iconic Branduardi canta Yeats, with 10 songs taken from the poems of the Irish Nobel Prize winner William Yeats who “in the forms simple of his lyrics expresses greatness and mystical tension”; On April 1, 1965, the poetic La giostra, La favola degli heroni, Sotto il tiglio; sweet love songs, one never performed live “Benvenuto donna mia”, Rosa di Galilea “the story of a small miracle”, the famous Geordy and to close the title that opens the concert, the song “Confessions of a malandrino” . As an encore, after a very long and heartfelt applause, two memorable pieces: Alla Fiera dell’Est which has become a collective heritage, taken from a Jewish Easter song and La pulce d’acqua, a ballad interpreted with precision of musical touch and immense sensitivity of soul .