Stop in Cosenza for the leader of Alternative Popular Bandecchi


By John

«My goal is very clear: I always compete to win. We are starting an important political journey, different from what we have heard so far, but not because it is different, because there are good ones and bad ones, different because we want to achieve and do things, we want to be simpler with fewer elaborate words and indeed, perhaps, fewer words.” Stefano Bandecchi, national secretary of Popular Alternative and mayor of Terni, said this when speaking to journalists in Cosenza on the sidelines of the electoral tour in Calabria in view of the European elections.

«Today Italy – he added – is a sick person who is ill. You must first stop the blood bleeding and then start getting back on your feet. So we want an active, proactive policy, certainly based on business. Without work you can't move forward. We must create jobs, so for me business is at the centre, it is fundamental, as it is fundamental in the United States, in Germany, as it is fundamental throughout the world. We have to start again from industry. What our grandparents did. Today, unfortunately, we are in the position of working as our grandparents worked. We must examine our consciences, we must understand that we are not in 2024, today, unfortunately, we are in 1945.”

The leader of Popular Alternative spoke about the bridge over the Strait: «we need to be clear – he said – and we need to start seeing the projects. First of all there must be the certainty that the bridge that the Italians will be able to build must remain standing. Having said that, the bridge must also bring jobs and development, be careful. If I go to Sicily today, I will necessarily stop by your place, take the ferry and maybe spend a night here. If I have the bridge, gentlemen, I don't stop at your place, I cross directly with speed. You have to get this into your head about the bridge, which I will use to go to Sicily on holiday as long as possible, you will pay for it, the Calabrians will pay for it and the Sicilians will pay for it.”