Stop the protected electricity and gas market in 2024, here’s how to choose new bills to save


By John

There is no rule that applies to everyone, because beyond some key factors, with the end of the protected energy market from 1 January for gas and from 1 April for electricity it will be necessary to carefully choose the supplier and type of contract among the many offers depending on everyone’s needs. However, summarizes some elements to always keep an eye on to understand where we can save and what to compare, obviously starting from the comparison between the offers of multiple suppliers. Hundreds of companies operate on the free market with prices that can vary significantly.

* The first element to keep an eye on is the price of energy, the only component of the bill on which free market sellers can compete. Charges and taxes are the same and established by the Authority. * The choice of the tariff offered is fundamental, which can be a fixed price or indexed. In the first case, the price of the energy component is blocked for a period of time, usually 12 or 24 months, in the second case, it will vary monthly on the basis of a reference index, normally linked to the trend in the cost of the raw material. There is no right or wrong option: the choice must be made based on the prices offered and each individual’s risk appetite. If you opt for the fixed rate, it is important to keep an eye on the expiry date, because the offer may then change.

* Another important element for the electricity tariff, look at your consumption habits. The two-hourly tariffs have an energy price that varies depending on the time and day, while the single-hourly tariffs are always the same. Once again, the choice must be made based on your needs: a large family that lives in the house throughout the day could be convenient in choosing a single rate. On the other hand, a single person or a couple who spends most of the day away from home could opt for a dual-rate tariff with a discounted energy price in the evening hours.

* Don’t rush. Since scams and fraud attempts are multiplying it is good to be careful to choose serious and reliable operators: never accept proposals before having verified their authenticity. Not even if the proposal literally “knocks on the door” of our home.

* Complete packages: some providers offer even more convenient rates for the supply of electricity and gas togetherAnd; However, it must be verified with your needs.

* Activation is free; it is important to know that activating a new supply is always freethe procedure is simple and you never run the risk of running out of energy.

* Precise rules for those who don’t choose. For electricity, the customer will be assigned through an auction to a new supplier on the free market, thus entering the so-called “Gradual protection service” which has an expected duration of 3 years. For gas, however, those who do not will switch to the market Free will still remain with his current provider, but the tariff will change; he will be assigned a so-called «Placet tariff», valid for one year.