Strike at the Massimo in Palermo for the premiere of Don Giovanni conducted by Muti


By John

Strike at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo for the premiere of Don Giovanni directed by Riccardo Muti, scheduled for 24 October. This was proclaimed by the unions Slc-Cgil, FisteL-Cisl, Uilcom-Uil, Fials-Cisal and the workers of the Opera Foundation, in line with what was decided by the general secretariats after the unanimous vote of the national coordination.

«After twenty years of failed contract renewals which have eroded purchasing power by almost 40% and humiliating laws to affect workers in the sector, the attitude of the other party during the negotiation for the renewal of the Ccnl appears irritating if not downright offensive – explain the unions -. The government should finally move from words to deeds, from electoral proclamations to the firm will to defend and invest in the sector that more than any other represents the national identity, that of culture. In the same way, Anfols (the association of opera-symphonic foundations) cannot yet ask for sacrifices from those who so far, only with their own salary and employment contraction, have restored the accounts of the foundations whose managers and administrators have often proved not to be up to their task. Sorry for the public and for the city, the Massimo workers are the first to regret depriving themselves of such a long-awaited appointment, but we can no longer postpone a fight that is now becoming one of pure survival».

The national unions called a strike which was supported by the territorial unions in various Italian cities, including Palermo, following the guidelines provided by the competent ministry for the resolution of the renewal of the sector’s national collective bargaining agreement, which had expired 20 years ago. Furthermore, according to the unions, the document received from Anfols on 19 October does not contain substantial parts of the negotiation they proposed.