Catanzaro, the Vinicio Calió social center reopens


By John

There were a lot of people yesterday in Pontepiccolo. The Social Center named after Vinicio Calió, Pontepiccolo’s son, was returned to the neighborhood. Yesterday the reopening ceremony in the presence of the institutions, the Third Sector organizations that will guide the activities of the Social Center and the many towns and cities who did not want to miss an appointment that marks the reopening of a public space in which there will be many social, cultural and aggregative activities and initiatives.

Yesterday the Mayor of the City, Nicola Fiorita, the Councillor Giusy Pino together with other representatives of the municipal council and the municipal council, he wanted to convey greetings and best wishes for good work to the managers of Arci and the other associations that will animate the Social Centre. The President of Arci Catanzaro, Rosario Bressi, together with the representatives of the partner associations who were awarded the Public Notice from the Municipality of Catanzaro for the management of the Centre, he underlined how the activities and life of the “Vinicio Calió” are part of a historical context in which sociality, social and intergenerational aggregation are often relegated to the last places of public priorities, precisely for this reason reopening a public space like the Social Center represents a cultural “mini revolution” at a time when we feel the need to tear down physical and cultural walls and fences .

Arci and the associations (Fondazione Città Solidale, Coriss, Associazione Nausica, Fiabi Park, Ra.Gi. Onlus and Teatro Hercules) which will start reviving the Center from today, yesterday sanctioned a authentic and ambitious alliance with the Pontepiccolo neighborhood and with the institutions. In memory of Vinicio Calió to give back to the community a place that is free, supportive and resistant to all forms of discrimination.