Strike of sound engineers, transcriptionists and stenotypists in front of the Messina Court: “Zero answers”


By John

Messina will also be the protagonist of the national strike to defend the rights of sound engineers, transcriptionists and forensic stenotypists: appointment tomorrow (Tuesday 19 March), thanks to the initiative of CGIL Messina and CGIL Filcams Messina, on the thematic benches of the pavement in front of the Palace of Justice, from 10.30 to 12.30, at the same time as the national protest.
“Still no answer” is the slogan chosen for the demonstration to send a strong and clear message to the Ministry of Justice, accused of remaining “still silent” in the face of the problems that have afflicted this specific category of workers for years: “We want respect and dignity – explains the general secretary of CGIL Filcams Messina Giselda Campolo – as written in the initiative's manifesto, this must be implemented by the Government in a series of actions requested for years, i.e. the internalisation of those who work in this sector, a permanent table with which to negotiate the methods and times of the internalisation process , a training course that provides certification, provided by the Ministry, of the professionalism of the employees and guarantees on the maintenance of employment and salary levels in the contract”.
In fact, these workers currently do not have any type of employment guarantee: “They are suspended between an internalization project that is struggling to get started – highlights the general secretary of CGIL Messina Piero Patti – and no insurance on the maintenance of employment levels in the tender which should be announced in the internalisation morae, in light of the innovations introduced by the Cartabia reform”. The presence of the press is welcome tomorrow morning.