Tajani: “We are not at war with Russia, we are not sending our soldiers.” And on the Middle East: “We work for a ceasefire”


By John

«We are not at war with Russia, no Italian soldier will go to fight in Ukraine. It is one thing to defend Ukraine's right to independence and international law, but it is another to wage war on Russia. We are not waging war on Russia, we only say that Russia must respect international law and withdraw its troops from Ukraine.” Antonio Tajani said this when he arrived in the group room of the Chamber for the presentation of Del Debbio's book.

Tajani: “Commitment to the ceasefire and the release of the hostages”

«Three days ago in Riyadh – continued the minister – I met the foreign ministers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar and Egypt: we have a common vision as with the United States. We need to work so that there is a ceasefire and so that the hostages are freed. Aid can be given to the civilian population. I illustrated our 'Food for Gazà' project to everyone. Let's hope that in the end common sense will prevail and that the fire will begin to cease. We are trying to achieve an initial result: bringing aid and food to the Palestinian civilian population and freeing the Israeli hostages.”