Teatri di Naso: “The thousand blue bubbles” last appointment before the summer break


By John

Fourth show on the bill, “The thousand blue bubbles” will be the last appointment before the summer break with “Teatri di Naso”, the billboard of contemporary Italian dramaturgy, on stage in the “Vittorio Alfieri” theater of the Nebroid municipality, with the artistic direction by Roberto Zorn Bonaventura. Appointment on Saturday 1 June, starting at 9pm. Written by the Palermo journalist Salvatore Rizzo and awarded by the Association of Theater Critics, the monologue “The thousand blue bubbles” is, as stated in the production notes “Nutrimenti Terrestri”, « a clandestine homosexual love story born in the Palermo of the 1960s that continues, parallel to a so-called “normal” life, for thirty years.” The show debuted in the Nuovo Montevergini theater in Palermo and, after a series of successful performances, was hosted by various public and private theaters in various Italian regions (from Lombardy to Veneto, to Umbria) and in various festivals (from the Orestiadi of Gibellina in Taormina Arte). “The thousand blue bubbles” tells with grace and finesse the story of Nardino and Manuele, the former a neighborhood barber, the latter a lawyer: they know each other, very young, in the shaving salon where Nardino apprentices under the gaze of his father and Manuele he is the son of a wealthy client. Filippo Luna, who according to the motivation of the Theater Critics has created «a perfect scenic-actoral synthesis of emotion and disenchantment», is also known to the general public for his film and television interpretations. Among the latter, we remember him in “Makari” (where he is the deputy commissioner Randone) and in “Incastrati” by Ficarra and Picone. “Teatri di Naso” will then resume in October with another Nutrimenti Terrestri production: “La grande menzogna” by Claudio Fava (also director on the occasion), with David Coco, inspired by the killing of the magistrate Paolo Borsellino. The contemporary theater program, strongly supported by the mayor Gaetano Nanì, has so far achieved excellent success with the public, completing the valorization of that little jewel that is the Teatro Vittorio Alfieri of Naso.