The 23-year-old carabiniere who died in the accident on the Messina-Palermo motorway was serving in the Vibonese area: the condolences of the communities of Arena and Dasà


By John

He served at the Arena army station, directed by Marshal Valerio Oriti, Daniele Breganzethe carabiniere who died yesterday in the accident in which he was involved along the A20 motorway, towards Palermo, the city where he was originally from and to which he was awaiting his imminent transfer. A fatal impact for the policeman who, aboard his Nissan “Juke”, for reasons still being ascertained, collided with an articulated lorry, the driver of which appears to have remained unharmed. He was returning home to Palermo, Breganze, for a period of rest from work which, however, he was unable to enjoy. Like him, he was unable to enjoy the desired transfer.

And of the future affection of the partner with whom he was engaged and hoped to get married soon. Extreme reserve on the part of the barracks where the carabiniere served, but, it goes without saying: the force is all around the pain of the family, visited during the day for mourning by numerous colleagues of the young man. Daniele Breganze was respected and is remembered by those who knew him as a good boy and a capable soldier. Nino Schinella, mayor of Arena, the town that hosts the barracks where the twenty-three-year-old carabiniere operated, expresses his condolences. Raffaele Scaturchio, mayor of nearby Dasà, also expresses his condolences and, also on behalf of the administration led by him and the citizens as a whole, joins «the pain that has affected the family of the late carabiniere, to whom the deepest condolences are extended, and to that of the entire weapon for the serious loss suffered.” All honest citizens express their condolences, seeing the Carabinieri as a valid bulwark for the defense of justice and legality.