The Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro will be named after Mimmo Rotella, master of pop-art and décollage


By John

The naming of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro after the master of pop-art and décollage is official Mimmo Rotella. The President of the ABA announced the news Aldo Costa who, as the proponent, expressed full satisfaction with the decision of the institution’s Board of Directors to link its name to that of Rotella who, more than any other, represents the symbol of Catanzaro genius and creativity.

“With great pride I can comment on the positive outcome of the proposal to name the Academy after the great artist who, starting from Catanzaro, contributed to writing significant pages of twentieth-century art with many of his works which still continue to tour the world ”, says Costa, underlining chand the proposal will now be sent to the Ministry for subsequent compliance. “The center of high artistic education will bear the name of Mimmo Rotella, a choice suggested not only by the echo that the master of “rips” has always aroused, but above all by his way of understanding art as an instrument of reflection and provocation with stimulating social implications. Mimmo Rotella was a revolutionary of his era and, with this proposal, my personal tribute to the master concludes. In fact, in 1999, as vice mayor and councilor for culture of the Municipality of Catanzaro, together with Antonio Viapiana And Tonino Sicoli, unfortunately disappeared, we organized the first major exhibition of Rotella’s works in Catanzaro, at the San Giovanni Monumental Complex, which achieved extraordinary critical and public success, thus healing a painful wound in the relationship between the artist and his city. The Academy of Fine Arts, it is useful to reiterate, has started an innovative path from the point of view of organization and educational offer, looking at the most recent expressive languages ​​and new professional profiles also related to the needs of the market and interesting job opportunities . Mimmo Rotella, therefore, as a point of reference – concludes Costa – to aim for in order to give continuity to this new course and further strengthen the relationship with the City and the identity of Catanzaro, in a broader Mediterranean perspective”.