The “Agreement for legality” signed between the Prefecture of Cosenza and the Municipality of Paola


By John

The “Agreement for Legality” was signed this morning between the Prefecture of Cosenza and the Municipality of Paola, as well as, for aspects relating to safety at work, by the Territorial Labor Inspectorate and by CGIL, CISL and UIL.

The aim of the agreement is to strengthen the prevention action against attempts by organized crime to infiltrate contracts, especially in those Municipalities that have significant investments planned in the area.

The article of the document borrows a lot from the legality protocols for large works under construction in this province, which have given significant results in control and prevention action.

But the same document also has its own specific peculiarities: the Provincial Committee for Public Order and Security, for example, will be the body responsible for identifying the most important contracts.

The agreement signed today may be replicated for other municipalities in the province with similar investment prospects, compatibly with the human and material resources that can be used for the purpose.