The attack in Rossano prison, officer in hospital with broken arm. Unions: “That prisoner had been reported”


By John

The situation that is being experienced inside the Corigliano Rossano prison where a yet another attack on a prison police officer who ended up in hospital and will need emergency surgery. Unfortunately, however, despite the alarming frequency with which these episodes are occurring in the Ciminata Greco district prison, there has been no decisive intervention on the part of the relevant institutions. Yet another very serious attack in the Rossano prison occurred by an inmate with psychiatric problems against a Penitentiary Police officer who suffered a broken arm and will need to be operated on. The prisoner, leaving the cell while he was going to the walking area, for no reason, attacked the officer. It was also ascertained that only the day before, the same prisoner had smashed the cell and thrown pieces of ceramic from the toilet and sink at the guards, while on the previous day it seems he had told the psychiatrist that he would “smash” some policeman. Yesterday the attack occurred and in the scuffle the inmate fell on the policeman causing a fracture of his humerus, for which he will have to undergo surgery shortly.

The indignation of the FP CGIL Penitentiary Police

“A prisoner with psychiatric disorders attacked a penitentiary police officer causing a fracture in his arm”, adds Angelo Boeti, Calabria regional coordinator of the FP CGIL Penitentiary Police. «The intervention of the emergency services was immediate and the injured officer was promptly transferred to the emergency room for treatment, but the dramatic nature of the event and the lack of adequate response to the previous requests for transfer of the responsible prisoner are highlighted, as well as the danger that these events, in the absence of disciplinary responses towards these violent subjects, will also trigger emulative behavior on the part of other prisoners who perceive a substantial sense of impunity. Given the known shortage of staff compared to that expected, this could lead to an explosive mixture.”

This is echoed by Mirko Manna, National FP Cgil: «We wish a speedy recovery and closeness to the officer who was the victim of the attack and we are concerned about the safety and working conditions of the prison staff. The safety of Penitentiary Police officers must be ensured immediately. It is essential that decisive measures are taken for the management of prisoners with psychiatric problems and for strengthening the workforce. Security cannot be compromised by bureaucratic delays or lack of resources.”