The chapel of the former mayor of Stefanaconi, Saverio Franzè, was vandalized


By John

Unknown persons broke into the family chapel of the former mayor of Stefanaconi (Vibo Valentia) Saverio Franzè, historic Snals trade unionist, and only a few days earlier there had been an attempted robbery at the home of the politician who died just over a month ago, at the age of 76, from a heart attack. On the occasion of the attempted theft, which occurred in broad daylight, unknown persons attempted to enter the house after tampering with the surveillance cameras. Then, during the night between last Friday and Saturday, unknown criminals entered the family chapel of the former mayor after having forced the lock of the entrance door and, with a spray can, they vandalized the tombstone of the deceased secretary of Snals and that of his father, who was in the niche below, by drawing a black cross. The episode was reported to the Sant'Onofrio carabinieri barracks by the person whom the deceased had indicated as his guardian.