“The country in the hands”. News of Italy in seven massacres. The Magazzini del Sale opens in Messina


By John

On Saturday 21 October, at 9pm, the new theater season of the Magazzini del Sale of Messina opens with Il Paese nelle mani. Chronicle of Italy in seven massacres, written and directed by Nicola Zavagli, with Beatrice Visibelli. Production of Boarding Theaters and Insettostecco. The play was created for the Association of the Relatives of the Victims of the Via dei Georgofili Massacre in Florence. The show will be repeated on Sunday 22 October, at 6.30pm.

Previewed in the Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Via dei Georgofili massacre, Zavagli’s text recounts the violent years between 1992 and 1993, years in which the mafia had full control of the country: from the deaths of Falcone and Borsellino; to the massacres in Rome and Milan. It does so through a careful study of the trial documents, defining the mafia dynamics, its relationships with the institutions, the errors committed by some men of the state, the ambiguities of many characters, but also the extraordinary investigative ability of the judiciary and men of the institutions , but also their connivances and fragilities.

«Before writing the text I met the relatives of the victims, lawyers and magistrates, who managed with their tenacity to bring those responsible and instigators to justice. From the papers – explains director Nicola Zavagli – the facts were reconstructed with precision, without ever abandoning the exact chronology, the plot of events. The objective was not to be led astray by the so-called mysteries, by the thousand possible interpretations, by the thousand possible hypotheses and conjectures. Only the facts are told, the facts established in the trials. To reconstruct a page of Italian history, which can be shared and understood.”

Teatri d’Imbarco was founded in 2002 by Nicola Zavagli, director, playwright and screenwriter (Nastro d’argento 1995) and the actress Beatrice Visibelli. Recognized by the MiBAC, the company has directed the Teatro delle Spiagge in Florence since 2009, building its identity around an idea of ​​popular theater of civil art, curating some awareness campaigns around social problems. Since October 2018 it has been a partner of the European project Two Moons, dedicated to the rights of the elderly. Among the productions of note are the Family Trilogy: The Family Wardrobe (2005); An almost happy marriage (2007); Investigation of Love (2009); The legend of the flying volleyball player, with Beatrice Visibelli and the volleyball champion Andrea Zorzi. In 2019 he debuted with Kobane Calling on stage, based on the comic by Zerocalcare, in co-production with Lucca Comics&Games.