Messina Street Food Fest is the record edition: 118 thousand visitors in four days


By John

2023 edition of Messina Street Food Fest of records. The event which ended last Sunday, promoted and organized by Eventamente, in partnership with Confesercenti Messina and the Municipality of Messina, was a huge success again this year, involving thousands of people from Messina, Calabria and visitors from other Sicilian cities, in particular from the provinces of Palermo, Catania and Syracuse.

They were exactly 118 thousand the people who populated Piazza Cairoli from 12 to 15 October. It is a plus 6 thousand, which surpasses the record of 2022 (112 thousand attendance). The dishes served were 240 thousand (+10 thousand compared to last year). The food village was populated by 53 houses managed by as many operators in the sector, who passed a scrupulous selection. They were 214 the nominations viewed by the organization.

Forty the hours of show cooking, which involved many people 15 chefincluding pizza chefs, pastry makers and ice cream makers, in 2022 there were 11, 600 The guests solidarity show cooking, the proceeds of which went to the Cirs Casa Famiglia and the Mensa di Sant’Antonio.

THE SHOWS – For the live shows they performed on stage 8 band And 4 djbut this year’s novelty was Radio Messina Street Food Fest, which accompanied the entire Fest, with well 15 guests important to the microphone of Alfredo Reni and the boys of FreeTime Djradio.

THE SETUP – For the setup of the 53 food houses, the beverage area, the cash registers and the show cooking area and the radio: they were painted 3700 m2 of walls with 750 litres of painting. They were used for assembly and finishing 21 thousand screws e 4140 km of scenic stripes, 817 m2 of graphics and 250 meters linear of carpet; a nice curiosity, the average activity of each fitter, at the end of the day, was approximately 21 thousand steps per day.

SAFETY – In terms of security everything went very well and the plan worked thanks to the support of 65 people between security, safety and civil protection, plus Ksm. Twelve auxiliary staff units of the Fire Brigade Association; 12 members of the first aid staff, plus a doctor and a nurse. The increase in cases should be highlighted (12) which allowed purchasing operations to be carried out more easily, i 13 presale points and the home token service in collaboration with MyLillo which have contributed to eliminating inconveniences and significantly reduced queues compared to previous years.

PRESIDENT PALELLA – For the president of Confesercenti Messina and administrator of Eventamente, Alberto Palella, this is an absolutely positive balance: “These are important numbers which confirm, once again, a growth in attendance at the Messina Street Food Fest; a growth that goes hand in hand with people’s appreciation and affection towards the event. I would like to say that the event has now entered the hearts and annual traditions of the people of Messina, but not only, given the numerous presences from other Sicilian provinces and from Calabria.

The MSFF is a locomotive for the related industries, for various traders who themselves increase sales during these days and for accommodation facilities, which record a substantial increase in bookings. One last aspect that I would like to underline: the greater number of operators and booths, in this edition, has allowed an increase in people employed and therefore more work for at least 2/3 collaborators in each workstation”.

SOCIAL MEDIA – The success of the MSFF 2023 was also overwhelming on the Internet. On social media, many enjoyed the cinema-inspired contest. Over 350 comments arrived to participate. On Instagram the views total were 794,653; on Facebook: 1,764,132for a total of 2,558,785 people reached. The interactions reached numbers far above expectations.

THE COMUNICATION – Communication involved both traditional channels and the web, as well as the restyling of the website. Nine press releases were sent and counting 150 articles published in print, TV and online newspapers in local, regional and national newspapers also specialized in the food and wine sector. Finally, to enhance and promote the territory and the local economy, its activities and companies, a meeting was organised press tour which was attended by journalists and bloggers from other cities.

APPOINTMENT AT GIARDINI NAXOS – The format of Eventamente now moves to the province, in the formula tested last spring, and from November 10th to 12th will be on the seafront of Giardini Naxos for Giardini Naxos Street Food Fest.