The “Creating stories” course is underway, with Calabrian talents among the participants


By John

Debut in the classroom for the 23 students of Creare Storie 2023-2024. The third edition of the interdisciplinary training course began this week, aimed at graduates aged 18 to 25, to respond to the market’s demand for young talents capable of thinking and developing audiovisual projects capable of innovating the forms of contemporary storytelling.
The first day was inaugurated by: the president of Anica Academy, Francesco Rutelli, the general secretary of Anica Academy, Francesca Medolago Albani, the director of Anica Academy, Sergio Del Prete, and the project manager, the educational director of the course, Massimo Galimberti, and Luca Ardenti for Calabria Film Cosmmission.
The start of this third edition also marks an important partnership between Anica Academy and Calabria Film Commission, which came to life with the awarding of free access to Creare Storie to two students resident in the Calabria Region.
The initiative is supported by: Unicredit as partner of the course, the journalist Silvana Mazzocchi who donated a contribution dedicated to the memory of Matteo Armellini, a boy passionate about cinema who died at the age of 30 at work. ANICA which has made available a further reduced contribution position as an initiative relating to the activities of the Public Lending Law Fund, identified in coordination with the General Directorate of Libraries and Copyright – MIC.
A contribution intended to fully cover the cost of the course for a deserving student was finally donated personally by Francesco Rutelli, who dedicated it to the memory of his mother Sandra Gentili Rutelli.
Creating Stories
Cinema, serials, documentaries, animation are forms of storytelling that follow the logic and practices of the audiovisual world, generating simultaneously cultural and industrial products. It is a creative, individual and collective work, subjected to a process of continuous transformation, in which each phase intervenes in the other without interruption and in which all professionals dialogue in a continuous exchange. It is not possible to think of writing without production, and of this without distribution, which is in turn connected with marketing. Everything moves like a chain, and each link is essential for the perfect functioning of the mechanism. Thus CREATING STORIES, following up on this fundamental premise, offers an innovative path, designed with an integrated and interdisciplinary modular structure. Each student will be able to know and study all the phases of the process closely, regardless of their future specialization, thus identifying their own path and managing to
create original and successful works. The class will follow a common program of discovery of the supply chain, which will be accompanied by in-depth moments and workshops. Added to this will be masterclasses conducted by Italian and foreign professionals in the sector, in order to multiply the learning processes and encourage the definition of one’s own area of ​​specialization. All training will be based on a learning by doing approach, to establish a dialogue between thought and practice, and each student will work on a Project Work that will allow them to collectively develop projects linked to individual areas of interest.


CREATING STORIES teaches how to build a character and what a transformation arc is. The protagonist, the antagonist, the mentor. Writing an effective log line, what a bible is and how to think of a pitch. How audiovisual language is structured and the differences between scripted and unscripted. The difference between high concept and low concept. What is a producer and what role does the post-production supervisor have. The architecture of the public financing system, the intervention of private capital. What does moral copyright law consist of? What is a Broadcast and how digital effects can decide a location but also a financing system. How a film genre guides the destination of a product and defines its target. How to set up a financial plan, a work plan, a marketing strategy or how a distribution choice can direct editorial lines, transforming the entire development chain. We will teach how to think, plan and develop films and series. The lessons acquired through a collective Project Work will be tested in the field.


Among the teachers of the course there will be: Chiara Laudani, screenwriter; Vanessa Picciarelli, screenwriter; Gino Ventriglia, screenwriter; Fabrizio Cristallo, Head of Development Greenland/Ascent Film; Graziella Bildesheim, Producer; Ines Vasiljevic, producer; Giovanni Pompili, producer; Gabriele D’Andrea, Lucky Red Marketing Manager; Federico Mauro, Art Director Fandango.