The Davis Cup at the Civic Art Gallery of Reggio Calabria, Falcomatà: «Sport in our history, in our identity and our culture»


By John

Great reception of visitors at the Civic Art Gallery for the Davis Cup in Reggio Calabria. Two days and two stages of the trip to Calabria to allow tennis lovers to see up close and photograph the magnificent trophy won by the Azzurri. The city of the Strait, together with Cosenza, was chosen as a stage of “The Tour of emotions, a trophy for all of Italy”, program of the Trophy tour, wanted by the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation. The trophy had been missing from Italy since 1976. There are two places where you can go to see the precious “silver salad bowl”, after the Art Gallery, on Monday 27 May it will be the turn of the “Rocco Polimeni” Tennis Club.

The event was attended by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, accompanied by the councilor Franco Barreca, with the Commissioner of FITP Calabria and federal councilor, Joe Lappano, organizer of the stages, the President of Coni Calabria, Maurizio Condipodero, the honorary President of Coni, Mimmo Praticò , the President of the Calabria Sport and Health Committee, Walter Malacrino, the President of the Polimeni Club Ezio Previtera, the historic president of the same club, Igino Postorino, Marcello Fonga FITP Provincial Delegate.

During his greeting, Mayor Falcomatà said he was happy that the Davis Cup stopped in Reggio Calabria, expressing satisfaction with the decision of the Federation, which chose Reggio among many Calabrian cities to host the precious trophy.