The “double-ex” Giacomo Tedesco: «Trapani stronger, Reggina more serene»


By John

Trapani-Reggina is played early by Giacomo Tedesco, double ex. From 2011 to 2013 he wore the granata shirt, obtaining a promotion to Serie B: «I predict a good match, may the best win. The league leaders have more quality than the amaranth team, but in football you never say never. Trocini's eleven can, therefore, achieve the feat.”
Where does your optimism come from?
«The guests will take the field with nothing to lose, so the pressure will be on the home team's side. Trocini tells me he is preparing for the match with great attention. The Serie B tournament is unpredictable and we saw this last Sunday in the match in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto with Igea who stopped Antonini's “battleship” on a draw.”
Differences between the Reggio fans and the Trapani ones?
«In the two cities the passion is identical. The squares of the south are as hot as my Palermo.”
Who could be the decisive man?
«I hope my friend Barillà scores, always among the best. Trocini rightly put him at the center of the project and he is repaying him with thick performance. Nino is a leader and when he's on a day he still manages to make the difference.”
The environment expected a little more than fourth place.
«In certain cases you have to know how to be satisfied. And for me the team is, however, playing an excellent championship, even considering the incomplete preparation. A squad was built in a few days, with the transfer market already closed. I think Bonanno and Pellegrino moved intelligently.”
Readmission possible through the playoffs?
«The important thing is to move forward by overcoming the two semi-final and final matches. We will then enter the national phase. However, the regulation should be changed because it is penalizing. In fact, if Reggina were to get to the end they wouldn't even be certain of being promoted. Beyond everything, two or three clubs will not register and we will see how the situation evolves.”
The managers, without repechage, will try to strengthen the staff to aim for first place.
«They will have to move in this direction by signing an attacker capable of reaching double figures. A striker with 15-20 goals is missing and Ballarino also knows that to reach certain goals it is necessary to purchase him.”
Do you have any doubts about Bolzicco's potential?
«Judgment is suspended. I would like to see him again next year alongside a suitable center forward. He is discontinuous, while Rosseti has disappointed expectations.”
Who are your favorite unders?
«The performance of Perri and Provazza positively impressed me. The coach is aiming for both and at the “Provinciale” it is possible that they will start from the beginning».
Could Siracusa and Vibonese worry Reggina in view of the new season?
«It will depend on the strengthening campaign. Vibonese has an ambitious owner, even if it is premature to make any predictions.”