The extraordinary dishes of chef Ercole Villirillo conquer Amadeus and the artists of the Rai FOTO New Year’s Eve event


By John

Flavors and smells of Calabria, the Ionian Sea, the city of Crotone and a region that on a culinary level has nothing to envy of anyone. He noticed it firsthand Amadeus who during the days of the Rai New Year’s Eve show held in the Pythagorean city had the privilege of tasting the exquisite delicacies of Crotone chef Ercole Villirillo. Not only Amadeus, in Ercole’s kitchen have arrived, among others, artists such as Il Volo, I Cugini di Campagna, Romina Power, Yari Carrisi, Cecilia Gayle, Stefano Palatresi, director of the Big Band Rai.

The chef from Crotone served traditional dishes renewed with his skill and passion. What conquered the palate of Amadeus and his family was the Pythagorean carbonaraa truly mouth-watering fish carbonara

And then, here is a roundup of Mediterranean flavors skillfully prepared by the authoritative chef and his staff. Starters and tastings prepared with local products: baby octopus, tubettini with seafood, shellfish, scallops with marinated Tropea PGI onion and mint, octopus with red datterini tomatoes and chilli pepper, basil and oregano, cod meatballs with a ragout of Crotonese sauce, roasted amberjack with wild artichokes, roasted red mullet, courgette flowers with anchovies and caciocavallo, black rice flan with burrata and tomato drops, Apulian red lentil with toasted bread and peppered anchovies, cod salad with dried tomatoes, carrot and fennel island PGI.

Finally, when it’s time for dessert, here’s the thousand leaves with custard and the lemon cloud with berries all made by Ercole!

The other artists who stopped by to visit chef Ercole were able to taste another infinite series of delicacies: from the raw appetizer with scampi, prawns, oysters, to the carpaccio with various tartare, cooked and hot appetizers, the famous Neptune’s boat with various tasty and appreciated courses, half rigatone in terra cotta with various fish in soup, the busiata recommended by chef Ercole in the famous tradition and innovation, garlic, oil and chilli pepper with mullet and sea bass eggs with raw prawns with citrus fruits, as dessert the famous mille leaves with berry custard.