The fog descends on Ceravolo, Catanzaro Bari postponed for 15 minutes. Then the decision: let’s play


By John

The Catanzaro-Bari match, scheduled for this evening at 8.30pm at the Nicola Ceravolo stadium in the Calabrian capital, started 15′ late due to fog. In fact, already in the afternoon, fog had appeared in the capital, especially in the upper area of ​​the city, creating quite a few problems for motorists. It was hoped that the wind, which is usually present in Catanzaro, would blow away the fog so that the race could start regularly. Unfortunately, however, this hope was in vain and, for the moment, the match has been postponed for just 15 minutes while the match director, Ivano Pezzuto from Lecce, decides whether the conditions are right to play or the match will have to be postponed. Luckily the fog became less clear and the referee, after the 15 minute delay, found that the conditions were right for playing and started the match.