Giorgia Meloni presides over the G7 summit in Kiev: here we fight for our freedom


By John

“Ukraine is a piece of our home and we will do our part to defend it.” This was said by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, at the Antonov – Hostomel airport in Kiev, during the ceremony of awarding honors to the defenders of the airport, in the presence of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and the prime ministers of Belgium and Canada, Alexander De Croo and Justin Trudeau.

«In this place you can breathe history, and history reminds us that there is something stronger than missiles, bombs, hunger or cold. And that something is love of country, love of freedom and the desire to guarantee one’s children a future of prosperity and well-being”, added Meloni.

“A verse of the Ukrainian national anthem reads: «We will give body and soul for our freedom». It happened here, on this runway, among what remains of the largest plane in the world, it happened here that brave and proud Ukrainians gave body and soul for their freedom and their nation, igniting the hope that they gave body and soul in these two years of resistance”, continued the prime minister. Everything that surrounds us reminds us of what happened in that decisive battle And what remains on the ground transforms this place into a hymn to freedom. And today we are here to say thank you to those men and women who on February 24th two years ago did not run away, and instead fought, for themselves, for their families, for what they hold most dear.”

“Europe, the West, are here to celebrate an act of love, because here the Ukrainians defended what they loved and, in doing so, they defended us too. They fought to give us the chance to be here today, to to say that this land is a piece of our home and that we will do our part to defend it. 730 days have passed since that battle. 730 days have passed since Ukrainians have reminded us what it means to believe in one’s freedom and in one’s own nation. 730 days have passed since the Ukrainians explain to us that surviving does not necessarily mean living. For 730 days the Ukrainians have been demonstrating to the world that no help can be enough if, upstream, there is no one determined to fight. This place tells us all this, here where the first page was written to restore a future of freedom to Ukraine”, he concluded.