The fourteenth salary is coming for pensioners with low incomes: it will be between 336 and 655 euros


By John

The first of July for the retirees with lower incomes twice the minimum treatment (15,563.86 euros in one year) will be added the “additional sum”, the so-called fourteenth.

INPS reminds us of this in a message, indicating the income limits valid for this year and the amounts due depending on the pensioner’s income and years of contributions. In any case, you must be 64 years old. The income limit to obtain the benefit increases to 16,067.86 euros thanks to the safeguard clause for those who have paid at least 25 years of contributions. The safeguard clause is valid for each bracket and provides that, in the event that the overall individual annual income is greater than 1.5 times or 2 times the minimum treatment and less than this limit increased by the additional sum due, the amount is paid up to the aforementioned increased limit. The benefit ranges from 336 euros for those with less than 15 years of contributions if former employees (18 years if former self-employed) and an income between 1.5 and twice the minimum benefit to 655 euros for those with at least 25 years of contributions (28 years if self-employed) and an income less than 1.5 times the minimum benefit (11,823.90 euros).