Elimination of the Italian team at the European Championships, all we can do is… laugh with the Cinghios of Cosenza


By John

Laughing, in fact, there is little to laugh about. But it is still a game, so it is better to lighten the mood. Italy’s elimination from Euro 2024 has left and will leave traces of how it came about. Especially after the choice of the Gravina-Spalletti duo to remain in the saddle despite one of the worst blunders in the history of the Azzurri. So, we were saying, it is better to laugh about it. And do it by reviewing the latest video made by the Cinghios group from Cosenza, which has been riding the crest of the wave for years with its ironic dubbings that make fun of VIPs, show business personalities, actors and politicians. On the eve of the elimination from Euro 2024, the comedians from Cosenza had made fun of it by dubbing a video made by the Federation itself and which saw some of the Azzurri (Donnarumma and Zaccagni above all, coincidentally the only two, overall, to survive the disaster in Germany…) while they were furtively wandering around the rooms of Coverciano before being caught by Spalletti himself. The Cinghios rode the wave of the theft in the pantry, making the scene very Cosenza-like. Let’s laugh about it… it’s better.