The Gimigliano fire in the summer of 2021: Angelo Merante and Antonio Scalzo acquitted


By John

Acquitted because the fact does not exist. This is the decision of the Criminal Court of Catanzaro, presided over by Dr. Beatrice Fogari, in the trial involving Angelo Merante, defended by the lawyer. Antonio Lomonaco ed Antonio Scalzo, defended by the lawyer. Valerio Murgano. At the end of his indictment, the Public Prosecutor had called for the application of a sentence of 2 years and 2 months of imprisonment for both.

For them the very serious accusation of arson, for having set fire to a man’s house in the middle of the night, after having waited for him to leave to reach his sister’s nearby house. According to the Carabinieri of Gimigliano, the two would have been animated by a feeling of revenge towards the victim and, therefore, would have destroyed his house by setting fire to it with some petrol cans. They were framed by some messages exchanged on WhatsApp in the previous days and an environmental interception carried out in the waiting room of the judicial police offices where they had been summoned to be interviewed as people “informed of the facts”. Serious and sufficient clues for the deputy prosecutor Anna Reale, who closed the circle on the two men, to the point of requesting and obtaining their arrest by the Catanzaro investigating judge. The reasons for the acquittal will be known within 90 days.