The historic “Corsa di Miguel” will also stop in Vibo, an athletics competition dedicated to the fight against racism and violence


By John

The “Miguel’s Race” will also stop in Vibo Valentia. What has now become a historic event – an athletics competition born in 2000 in Rome in the name of a boy, Miguel Benancio Sanchez, runner and poet, who ended up among the 30 thousand disappeared of the Argentine regime of the 70s – will also be held in Vibo Valentia and Vibo Marina, in a double event at the same time next March.

Yesterday, the initiative organized way back in 2000 by the journalist of the Gazzetta dello sport Valerio Piccioni, was presented in a double event: first on Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, animated by a flash mob of the students of the “Capialbi” high school, in the presence, among others, of the organizers and municipal councilors Vincenzo Bruni And Katia Franzè; and then during a conference at the “Berto” scientific high school.

Here, to moderate the interventions and bring greetings from the manager Licia Bevilacqua, the teacher Bruno Nardo, coordinator of the Motor Sciences department of the “Berto” high school. The teacher was also present Carlo Lico, who took care of the external part of the morning. The representative of the Vibo USP also extended institutional greetings Laura Manno and the municipal councilor Katia Franzè. And then the conference began with speakers from Valerio Piccioni himself, the journalist Enza Beltrone responsible for the projects of the Italian Sports Press Union, the sporting director of Volley Tonno Callipo Giuseppe De Finaand the coach of Todo Sport Claudio Torchia.

“We are really proud – states councilor Franzè – to be able to host a race that is not a simple athletics race. It is a sporting event in the noblest sense of the term, because it serves to reaffirm the universal values ​​that have always guided the practice of sport, and it also serves to remember an extraordinary figure such as that of Miguel Benancio Sanchez, a boy who passed away at just 26 years old by criminal, a young man who loved sport, life, poetry, a young man with a sensitive soul like many of our young people who today often have no space to express themselves. Sports can be a key. A concept in which the municipal administration strongly believes, which immediately made itself available to the organizers to provide the necessary support to prepare the stage, which should take place on 13 or 14 March, and will be simultaneously in both Vibo center and Vibo Marina. It will be a race marked by the fight against racism, gender violence and all forms of discrimination. And we are really proud – concludes councilor Franzè – to be able to include the city of Vibo Valentia among the participants in an event of this magnitude. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the extraordinary social work carried out in the area by all the teachers of the sports branch of the “Berto” high school, starting with Bruno Nardo, who with a great sense of duty and passion do not limit themselves to teaching but do everything so that sport can truly be within everyone’s reach.”