Mangialavori (Forza Italia): “There is no change on ESM and Superbonus”


By John

On the ratification of the ESM «Italy has expressed itself with its sovereign body, which is Parliament. I don’t want to delve into predictions that currently have no basis, so I will simply say that it is right that the will expressed by a parliamentary vote is respected.”

Giuseppe Mangialavori, president of the Budget Commission in the Chamber and deputy of Forza Italia, explains this in an interview with Messaggero. The government has closed to any extension of the 110% Superbonus. “We put forward various proposals, because this was what many citizens and businesses still struggling with the works were asking for and we felt it was our duty to do everything possible to try to find a way out – he adds -. But forcing on this front would obviously have caused an imbalance that Italy cannot afford at the moment.” Is the preventive agreement launched by the Council of Ministers a “preventive amnesty” as the opposition accuses? “None of this. It is a question of establishing a collaborative relationship between the State and the taxpayer, to make self-employed people and businesses perceive that on this side there is not a monster that devours their earnings – he explains – but a tax system that demands the right amount and above all places the right trust in the citizen”.