The house from the film “The Country Boy” starring Renato Pozzetto is for sale


By John

AND’ a house in the heart of the Ticino Park, in the province of Pavia a few kilometers from the municipality of Gambolò (Pavia). In 1984 it hosted the filming of the film «The country boy», cult film starring Renato Pozzetto in the role of Artemio, the farmer who at 40 wants to change his life and moves to Milan, only to decide in the end to return to his beloved countryside. The house is now for sale, at a price of 380 thousand euros.

A real estate sales site presents it as “a unique opportunity to purchase the house that made the history of Italian cinema”. The property, near some farms, was built at the beginning of the twentieth century. Ten years ago it was purchased and renovated by a private individual. Some rooms remained the same as in the film shot by Castellano and Pipolo, such as the bedroom from which Artemio threw his shoe at the rooster who woke him up in the morning, or the kitchen (with river stones set in the wall) where in the morning he breakfast with coffee and milk.