The Houthi leader: “Italy will be a target if it participates in the aggression against Yemen”


By John

«Italy will be a target if it participates in the aggression against Yemen». He explains it Mohamed Ali al-Houtione of the leaders of the Yemeni Houthis, in an interview with Repubblica. The European Union has in fact announced a new defensive military mission in the Red Sea.

«We advise Europeans to increase pressure on those responsible for the horrors in Gaza. Our operations aim to stop the aggression and lift the siege. Any other justification for the escalation by the Europeans is unacceptable,” he continues. Italy will take part.

“Italy will become a target if it participates in the aggression against Yemen”, underlines the Yemeni leader. Those by the USA «are illegal aggressions and deliberate and unjustified terrorism. American-British attack aircraft launched 48 airstrikes against Yemen, hitting Sanaa and Hodeida along with other targets. Previously, they targeted our patrols in the Red Sea, causing the martyrdom of the naval forces – he explains -. These bombings will not affect our capabilities. Indeed, they strengthen us. The Americans and the British must understand that at this stage we are ready to respond, and our people do not know surrender. Our waters and our seas are not America’s playground.”

In the Red Sea, according to the Houti leader «there is no blockade. We only target ships associated with Israel, which head to occupied, Israeli-owned ports, or enter the port of Eilat. Any ship not linked to Israel will not suffer damage – he concludes -. We have no intention of closing the Bab el Mandeb Strait or the Red Sea. If we wanted to do that, there would be other simpler measures than sending missiles.”