The Meloni-Giambruno separation goes around the world: in the international press the prime minister “who defended the traditional family”


By John

The rift between the prime minister Giorgia Meloni and his partner Andrea Giambruno has made the rounds of the world press, the news has arrived even on the English-language site India.comwhich emphasizes the fact that the two were not married, despite being “long-time companions”.

The British media, traditionally attentive to these issues, focus on the journalist’s “sexist comments”, the BBC goes so far as to define them as “obscene” And the Guardian underlines that Giambruno was filmed “while making suggestive comments towards a colleague”.

More stinging is Reuters which recalls how the prime minister is celebrating her first year in office «at the head of a government of right-wing coalition that defended the traditional family as one of its political hallmarks». The main Spanish media were also attentive to the news. El Pais headlines with a laconic «Giorgia Meloni announces breakup with the father of her daughter», while El Mundo speaks of «breakup and scandal in Italy».

The RCS-owned newspaper writes that the Italian prime minister “grew up in a matriarchy” and this “gives her character”: «Perhaps this is the reason for her feminism» adds El Mundo. On the other side of the Pyrenees, the French Le Figaro simply headlines “Giorgia Meloni separates from her journalist partner” and within the article defines Giambruno’s comments as “scabrous”.

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung highlights the passage in which Meloni reports that the breakup comes from afar and their paths “have separated for some time”. The New York Times also dedicated space to the story. «On social media, the prime minister declared that his ten-year relationship with the news anchor ‘ends here, after a hot mic (an anglicism used to say that he was ‘caught without his knowledge by an open microphone ed.) and a video that she filmed him while he was apparently hitting on other women.”