Messina, post office cleaning workers protest in the Prefecture: “The hourly reduction would be absurd”


By John

The workers of the cleaning services at the Italian Post Office expressed their dissent this morning in front of the Prefecture of Messina. Index pointed against the reduction of hours in the context of a contract awarded to the company L’Ambiente in the branches of Messina 1 and Messina 2. The trade union organizations following the dispute, Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltrasporti, met with the employers yesterday , in the Larderia headquarters. At the end of the meeting, the unions, who had called a strike for today, revoked it, but still protested by organizing a sit-in in front of the Government Palace. A glass half full, therefore, given the commitment of mediation between the contracting authority and the contracting company.
“It is unacceptable that the employees – says Giselda Campolo, general secretary of Filcams Cgil Messina – suffer a reduction in their hours. Male and female workers who serve in a labor-intensive contract are thus penalized. An impoverishment of work means an impoverishment of the social fabric, which is why we have invested the Prefecture.”
In the same vein Giuseppe Ragno, Filcams Cgil Messina, who trusts “in the mediation between the company and the contracting authority to resolve the employment problem”. For his part, Giovanni Giordano, Uiltrasporti Messina, points out that “a workforce that already has a low salary is penalized”. “We ask the Region – he adds – to stipulate a memorandum of understanding aimed at the preventive control of each contract and its subsequent completion, respecting the quality of the service”.
“We are witnessing a contractual change in progress. It is a serious problem that also occurs at a national level”, remarks Massimo Sili, of Fisascat Cisl. During a subsequent summit in the Prefecture, the latter pointed out that the issue will be addressed with the Ministry and competent institutions, as the procurement is national.