The “Miguel's Race” lights up the Reggio seafront


By John

The “Miguel's Race” returns to enliven Reggio Calabria. It was a great celebration of sport and inclusion this morning “Miguel's Thousand on the Lungomare Falcomatà”, an event to remember the figure of the desaparecido Argentine poet and runner, Miguel Benancio Sanchez.

On the seashore of the Strait, with competitions interspersed with music and dance, the students of the Reggio Emilia schools met for the event organized at a national level by Ussi, Club Atletico Centrale, La Corsa di Miguel and Sport Salute, with the patronage of the Municipality and the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria. The mayor attended the event Giuseppe Falcomatàthe sports councillor Giovanni Latella and the managing director Massimiliano Merendato support an event which is the result of an important institutional synergy also favored by the municipality's sports promotion service, through the official Luigi Nigero.

As highlighted by the mayor: «It is a wonderful initiative which sees the students of our city's schools as protagonists, with their teachers and the USSI organisation. Miguel Sanchez deserves to be remembered for the example he can set for kids. An event that combines the sporting aspect with the social one and which we, as the municipal administration, sponsor and participate with conviction because sport is a lifestyle, a universal language but, above all, it is a citizenship right.”

«Being able to hold this event on our seafront – specified the mayor – allows young people to reclaim their city, in spaces that are usually occupied by vehicular traffic, and to breathe clean air that is difficult to find in other places. I invite young people to rediscover themselves as citizens of Reggio, a wonderful city that offers a unique panorama and a unique climate. I know that the kids are fully aware of what this day means and I want to thank the teachers for this because they have accompanied them in recent weeks in the lead-up to the event. I found them very mature and they bode well for the future of our city.”

«Today is a beautiful day – added councilor Latella – for this Miguel race, organized by Valerio Piccioni, in a spectacular setting like the monumental “Italo Falcomatà” promenade, where our school children met to have a sport activity. Sport is a moment of relationship and sharing of important values ​​and, above all, of promoting social issues, as in the case of this project, also strongly supported by the Administration which gave the opportunity to do it in this wonderful place”.