Blue stripes in Catanzaro: for occupation other than parking you will pay the single property fee


By John

The municipal council chaired by the mayor Nicola Fiorita, on the proposal of the mayor himself, it resolved that in cases of request for occupation of public land in areas delimited by the blue lines but for purposes other than paid parking, the applicant, for the purposes of issuing the occupation authorization, will have to correspond directly to the Municipality the rate set annually as the Single Property Fee (CUP).

The executive's decision follows the policy approved by the municipal council last February 14th in which the chamber committed the mayor “to proceed – it is reported in the council resolution – with an act of the municipal administration for the adoption of tariffs for the occupation of the spaces delimited by the blue stripes, according to criteria of proportion and equity, taking into account the current rates paid for the occupation of spaces on the white lines, in order to allow commercial and economic activities to be able to sustain lower costs than the current ones on the blue lines”.

Commenting on the decision taken today by the executive, Fiorita underlined that “the commitment made to make the occupation of the areas delimited by the blue lines less burdensome for those who use them to carry out activities other than parking. In fact, we have emerged from an impasse which risked depressing the development potential of important areas such as the historic centre, where the system of rules previously in force went in exactly the opposite direction. With the decision taken by the council – Fiorita continued – we have implemented the direction that the city council has almost unanimously shared, also writing a beautiful political page, where in the name of the general interest of the city the differences in roles have disappeared between majority and opposition”.